Wednesday, February 20, 2002

I've found this Winter Olympics interesting. I think I first realized it when in some men's cross-country skiing event, I was actively cheering for an American out of medal contention to finish ahead of a Frenchman just behind him. Later, I realized that while the USA vs. Russia men's hockey game was probably going to be the best of the Games, and that I naturally hoped my own country would win, I wasn't too miffed when the Russians were ahead or when we ended up tied. Two hockey titans clashed, played an excellent match, and ended up with neither emerging stronger (I'll expand this into why I like soccer and hockey some time in the future). I've always hoped that the British, Australians, and Monacans (is that what they are?) do well, but I also find myself supporting the Czechs, Andorrans, and to a lesser extent the Russians and Japanese. I'm also finding myself thoroughly despising the Chinese, French, German, and Scandinavian teams, and being ambivalent on Canada's team. I don't think we should've made a big deal about the pair's figure skating, since it was whining on their part and looked like favoritism on ours. I was very pleased to find out that Australia won it's first-ever Winter gold, even though it meant that our man got silver. These are just sports. They don't ultimately mean anything more than we interpret them to mean. I'm thrilled when our friends win medals. I'm also pleased when we or one of our allies beats a country which treats us with disdain. I'd like to see France and Sweden go home with absolutely nothing to show for themselves, while Australia and the Czech Republic have their best time ever. I realize this is unfair to the participants themselves, who may not share their country's views, but perhaps it'll in some small way help turn the people of the unfriendly countries against their "elites."

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