Tuesday, February 19, 2002

BREAKING NEWS: The world's temperature changes! We (me) here at HokiePundit have just received word via Drudge that our comrades across the pond are experiencing an early spring. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, lambs are playing. I have to say that if this is supposed to be the doomsday scenario, I'm somewhat underimpressed. As a Christian, Revelation tells me that it's a lion, not a lamb that will come with Armageddon, so I feel pretty safe. The British scientish quoted says that there is no precedent in history for weather in that area to be so warm so early. This brings up several questions in my mind. First, Britain got a lot colder in the late Middle Ages. The people in Braveheart weren't absolute fools for going around in short skirts in what most presume to have been freezing cold. Couldn't this just be considered a normal reversal? Secondly, is he really implying that all the effects of global warming have collided with no precedent whatsoever in 2002? Wouldn't there be sort of a curve, rather than a sudden spike (much like the one I got after Sgt. Stryker, VodkaPundit, and USS Clueless linked to me)? I'm taking Ecology right now, and this doesn't seem to add up.

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