Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Patrick Ruffini brings up a good point that I noticed here at Tech as well. There's virtually no integration anywhere. Yes, I know I'm in Virginia, part of the Confederacy. Unfortunately, that argument is a stupid one, since Virginia is fairly well integrated. Quick: where was the only Governor in US history elected? Hint: It's a Commonwealth, not a State. I went to school in Fairfax County, which Bill Clinton declared to be the "best integrated" school system in the nation. While I don't normally trust Slick Willy, this is one of those few instances where there's no reason not to believe him. According to my teachers who'd been at other schools in the county, my school (Hayfield, currently undefeated in Men's Basketball) was the best integrated in the public schools. As you can imagine, I was shocked when I came here last year and saw almost no integration whatsoever. One kid who had been on my soccer and track teams with me for several years gave me a "sup" and then never acknowledged my presence again. I've only seen one Greek organization that had both black and white students, and that was a co-ed music frat. My church group is as white as crack, and my Mellophone section in marching band was almost unique in having a black member. I see groups of minorities hanging out in the student center, keeping to themselves, so I know they're at the school somewhere. Oh well, maybe I'm just naive.

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